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Environmed is dedicated to helping people find solutions for medical problems. We are interested in clean air and water. Without a healthy environment, there will be no healthy humans. At our Environmed Online Store  you can order  nutrient formulas, printed books and eBooks for download.

The Alpha Education series of books address important medical problems and their solution. Our books are designed to give you clear and simple directions and at the same time to provide essential scientific information. To solve a medical problem, important changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle are required. Smart people, given the right information, should be able to self-manage and solve most of their health problems. Alpha Education books are revised annually. Most Alpha Education books refer to the Alpha Nutrition Program.

Persona Digital Publishes a series of books on current topics in music, psychology, sociology, neuroscience and philosophy.  The author of the books and creator of the music recordings is Stephen Gislason. All Persona books are available here as eBooks for download.

Alpha Online is a companion website with 800 pages describing common medical problems and introducing you to innovative solutions such as Alpha ENF and the Alpha Nutrition Program. Alpha Online is an Internet Division of Environmed Research Inc.