Environmed Online offers 2 series of eBooks for Download.

1. Alpha Education Books
2. Persona Digital Books
We encourage online readers to order eBooks rather than print books. The cost of shipping printed books is increasing. eBooks are low cost with no shipping charges. Downloads are immediate. eBooks are portable and can be sent anywhere in the world with no shipping cost. eBooks are printable, you can copy selected texts and paste into a word processor. Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars.

Print vs eBooks

Printed books retain the pleasure of holding a real book but printing on paper and distributing books to readers involves many layers of costs and environmental degradation that can be avoided with electronic distribution of information and entertainment.

After two decades of experimentation with eBook formats and readers, we have had the best results with Adobe PDF files as downloads. The only stipulation is that the receiving device can store, read, and properly display PDF files. Desktop computers offer luxurious accommodation - big screens, big keyboards, and big storage capacity and are the best options for serious learning and work. Smart phones  with internet access, reading and writing capabilities are becoming the new personal digital assistants. Several smart phones with larger, full color screens will display a microscopic version of webpages and eBooks. We continue to have misgivings about attempting to read books on small screens.

Add eBooks to your cart. When your order is paid,  links for downloading eBooks are sent to you by email. You click on the email link, go to the  eBook download page.Be sure to save the eBook file (PDF) to a folder on your hard drive that you can find later.