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Alcohol Rescue Starter Pack

Alcohol Rescue Starter Pack

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The Problem is drinking too much of the wrong drinks
The Solution : Stop Drinking Alcoholic Beverages
Humans like to become intoxicated. Fermented, liquid foods that contain alcohol are used worldwide in parties, celebrations and rituals. It is common for fermented foods to be included in the daily diet. Small doses of fermented foods relax inhibitions and can feel pleasant in social situations. Larger doses are toxic to the brain and disable the drinker. The regular abuse of alcoholic beverages is called "alcoholism. The stigma attached to the term "alcoholism" remains an obstacle to understanding this common problem.
There is a tendency to deny or to "normalize" excessive drinking. The use of alcoholic beverages is woven into the fabric of society and excessive use of alcohol is often considered "normal. Ingestion of alcoholic beverage in excess produces many disease patterns involving every part of the body. Even “moderate” alcohol abuse distorts the personality, emotions and intellect of the "social drinker." The cognitive impairments and personality distortion are a direct consequence of brain dysfunction cause by ethanol and other chemical pathogens in alcoholic beverages. Alcohol abuse is considered to be an addiction and some argue about calling alcoholism a “disease.” The term “addiction” refers both the compulsive aspect of drinking and also to the harm drinking causes. The drinker harms himself, his family and the community at large. A reasonable person will notice the harm he or she is causing and will seek to remedy the problem. An addict ignores the harm and remains devoted to ingesting alcoholic beverages no matter how much harm is caused.
Intoxication with alcoholic beverages generates behaviors that are regrettable and often destructive. Drunk people do much harm to themselves and others. The main drug effect is exerted by ethanol on the brain. As blood levels of ethanol increase, more and more brain functions are shut-down, rendering the intoxicant temporarily demented, with inappropriate behavior, incoordination and poor judgment. Alcohol intoxication routinely promotes fighting, assaults and death by accident or murder.

The Alcohol Rescue Starter Pack

will appeal to different people for different reasons:

  1. People who are close to an alcoholic and are learning more about how to help.
  2. People who suspect that they are drinking too much and have enough common sense and instinct for health that they are learning about alcoholism, defining their own problem and planning to solve that problem before it gets out of control.
  3. People in recovery who are already involved in AA, other programs and are struggling with addictive patterns of eating and drinking and need to learn more about long-term recovery.

Good self-care has several components:

  • You learn as much as you can about the problem
  • You avoid dogmatic positions and unrealistic beliefs.
  • You plan to sustain beneficial changes for years to come.

The Alcohol Rescue Starter Pack includes

  1. One Alpha Nutrition Program
  2. The book, Alcohol Problems and Solutions.
  3. One 500 gram jar of Alpha ENF Unflavored

The  Starter pack provides essential information about alcoholic beverages, key concepts in the management of alcoholism and detailed instructions about diet revision to achieve new, excellent nutrition that assures health and stability long-term.

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