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Alpha ENF Instructions eBook

Alpha ENF Instructions eBook

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Download free booklet, Alpha ENF Instructions in PDF format.

Alpha ENF is an all-propose meal replacement formula. Alpha ENF can replace food entirely short term. Mix Alpha ENF in fruit or vegetable juices and be healthy. ENF is mixed in a blender to make a complete meal. Packaged as a dry powder in 500 Gram and 1000 gram jars*.Alpha ENF is an all-propose meal replacement formula.

To supplement daily nutrition You may start with Alpha ENF 50 grams three times a day for a total of 500 Calories per day. You would also have two meals to supply another 500 to 1500 Calories per day, depending on your needs and goals. 50 grams is about 3 heaping tablespoons or a little less than 1/2 cup of formula - mix in one or more cups (about 220 ml) of juice or water.

The morning and late afternoon tend to be critical times in the day when Alpha ENF can provide good energy and appetite stability. If you are tired or disinterested in food preparation, a serving of Alpha ENF mixed with fruit or fruit juice will satisfy your immediate nutritional needs.

The Alpha ENF eBook gives you a detailed formula description, mixing and using instruction.