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Arthritis Rescue

Arthritis Rescue

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Arthritis Nutritional Rescue

Step 1 Food Holiday

If you have active pain and swelling in any joint, consider stopping all food intake to find out if food factors are contributing to the disease. Recovery from involves diet change and should start with a period of reduced food intake or a food holiday. Alpha ENF can be used as a easily absorbed, fully nourishing food-replacement that requires little or no digestion.

  • Food Holiday on Alpha ENF - 10 days minimum
  • With or without prednisone until the fire is out.
  • Pain-relievers, as required
  • Rest; free movement, non-weight bearing ( warm pool is best)

The Arthritis Nutritional Starter Pack includes

  1. The Alpha Nutrition Program
  2. The book, Managing Inflammatory Arthritis
  3. One 500 gram jar of Alpha ENF

10 days on phase one of the Alpha Nutrition Program is usually enough time for joint inflammation to begin to subside. Symptoms may increase for a few days before they clear. Food holidays may be required for chronic and severe inflammatory disease. Alpha ENF supplies extra nutrients that may be in short supply - such as amino acids, B vitamins, vitamins D and B12 and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc.

Step 2 You then follow the Alpha Nutrition Program

After pain and swelling have subsided, slow food reintroduction follows the Alpha Nutrition. Each returning food is carefully screened for arthritis-triggering effects. You hope that food allergy caused the problem and that food control can be successful controlling the disease in the long-term. Unfortunately, we do not have good data on how many un-selected patients would respond to this approach, but nothing is lost by taking this approach and complete control of the disease has been obtained. If strict food control proves to be inadequate, then other treatments can be instituted.

You must re-design your food supply to avoid food triggers of arthritis and to secure optimal nutrition. The Alpha Nutrition Program steers you away from high-risk foods and toward foods that tend to be well-tolerated and safer in the long-term.

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