Food Allergy  Rescue Starter Pack

Food Allergy Rescue Starter Pack

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Food allergy is a complex of immune responses that can cause chronic disease. We think that 100 Million Canadians and Americans have disease from Food Allergy. The advocates of a broad definition of food allergy run the risk of being evangelical.

The conviction that food allergy is a common cause of disease comes from several vantage points:

  • knowing the wide range of benefits of diet revision in clinical practice
  • observing food reactive symptoms in recovering patients
  • understanding the immune mechanisms behind food allergy
  • recognizing problems in the food supply
  • recognizing the limitations and failure possibilities of the digestive tact

There are different types of food allergy.

1. The immediate or type 1 food allergy pattern is easily recognized because it involves quick and dramatic symptoms. Hay fever is the most common type 1 allergy and can be diagnosed by allergy skin tests. Some food allergy is also type 1 and shows up on skin tests.

2. Delayed patterns of food allergy are not so obvious and generally go unrecognized. Allergy skin tests do not show this problem nor do allergy tests. Symptom onset is delayed many hours after eating foods and chronic disease is often the result.

Order Starter Pack

The best way to begin is to order Food Allergy Rescue Starter Pack. This starter pack includes:

  1. The Alpha Nutrition Program book
  2. The book, Food Allergy
  3. One 500 Gram jar of Alpha ENF

The Alpha Nutrition Program is a set of instructions and nutrient tools designed to resolve disease through diet revision. The program is nutritional therapy, a personal technology of health restoration and health maintenance. The program is designed to reduce all the expressions of food allergy. The program uses hypoallergenic formulas to supply optimal nutrition even when eating food is difficult or impossible.

The development of the Alpha Nutrition Program began many years ago with observation that some food-selection patterns are associated with dysfunction and disease. In one person, for example, the daily ingestion of multigrain bread, milk, cheese, bran muffins, beef, coffee, orange juice, and wine is associated with chronic fatigue, sleepiness after eating, nose congestion, flushing, headaches, generalized aching, stiffness, and episodes of unexplained depression.

When the food list is changed to rice, vegetables, chicken, peaches, and pears, the symptoms disappear and the person reports increased energy and a renewed sense of well-being. Similar observations are reported in a large sample of people of all ages. A variety of other dysfunctional patterns are found to improve with proper diet revision. We reasoned that everyone probably has a small set of best-fit foods that would allow them to feel and function optimally. The first goal of therapy should then be to identify the simplest set of best foods for each person. The core-concept further developed as we kept score of adverse food reactions reported by patients and found that rice and common, cooked vegetables were among the best tolerated and most acceptable of all food choices.

The starter pack provides detailed instructions and you can try the Alpha ENF formula, evaluate its effects and learn how you can use it as a tool of nutritional therapy to help solve your health problems. The food allergy and immunology book provides both an introduction to and also advanced explanations of the immunological basis of allergy. The many patterns of food allergy are explained .

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