Gluten Rescue Starter Pack

Gluten Rescue Starter Pack

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A Gluten Rescue Starter Pack includes

  1. One Alpha Nutrition Program
  2. The book, Gluten Problems and Solutions
  3. One 500 Gram jar of Alpha ENF

Gluten Free

Dr. Gislason stated:” I recognized wheat related diseases in the early 1980`s when there was little recognition and big medical resistance to the ideas I presented. Times have changed. Gluten free foods were rare and expensive in 1983 but gradually appeared in health food stores. Grocery stores were slower to make these foods available, but now there is a big lucrative market for gluten-free foods which are available everywhere.

Balistreri wrote: The question of whether to adopt a gluten-free diet is especially timely, given its impressive increase in popularity over the past decade. In fact, gluten avoidance has become the most popular dietary trend in the United States, with approximately 100 million Americans consuming gluten-free products last year. There are at least three proposed clinical syndromes related to gluten ingestion: celiac disease, an autoimmune-mediated disorder; wheat allergy, an immunoglobulin E (IgE)-mediated entity; and gluten sensitivity. Therefore, the decision to "go gluten-free" is either mandatory or elective; a gluten-free diet is mandatory for those individuals with appropriately diagnosed celiac disease and possibly wheat allergy. As many as 60% of Americans believe that a gluten-free diet will improve their physical and/or mental health. It is their choice to follow a gluten-free diet in the hopes of improving digestion and bolstering their immune system, while also enabling enhanced performance and weight loss. Nonceliac wheat sensitivity (NCWS) is the term applied to a clinical entity that has many similarities to celiac disease and NCGS, in that clinical manifestations can involve the gastrointestinal tract, the nervous system, the skin, and other organs. Other shared features include the observation that the symptoms of NCWS disappear on exclusion of wheat from the diet and reappear on wheat consumption.(Balistreri W.F. Should We All Go Gluten-Free? Medscape. Feb 04, 2016.)

The Alpha Nutrition Program is gluten free and is designed to discover a new diet that reduces immediate symptoms and reduces the long-term risk of the disease progressing. The first phase of the Alpha Nutrition Program is an attempt to clear symptoms. This is home science. The best way to start your recovery is to order the Gluten Rescue Starter Pack. This starter pack provides detailed information about gluten and the diseases caused by eating cereal grains. The Alpha Nutrition Program describes the strategy of diet revision, the foods you will eat, and provides troubleshooting instructions. You can try the Alpha ENF formula, evaluate its effects and learn how you can use it to help solve your health problems.

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