Heart and Arteries Rescue

Heart and Arteries Rescue

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Artery Rescue Starter Pack

Major diseases originate from eating too much of the wrong food and damage is done to many organs simultaneously. The evidence does suggest that some interventions are beneficial in terms of preventing heart attacks and strokes and that disease progression can be halted by important changes in diet and increased exercise. The occurrence of a heart attack or stroke confirms that atherosclerosis is advanced, damage has been done and that the rules of intervention have changed. We suggest that a prudent person suffering early vascular dysfunction symptoms would be wise to pursue vigorous, thorough diet revision at the earliest opportunity.

The Alpha Nutrition Program can be recommended, along with Alpha DMX, exercise and relaxation as a rational strategy of preventing and managing cardiovascular disease. The program is designed to reduce sodium, cholesterol, total fat, saturated fats, while increasing calcium, potassium, folic acid, omega 3 fatty acids and vegetable fiber. These are all desirable measures in the effort to prevent blood vessel diseases, heart attacks and strokes.

High Blood Pressure According to the Canadian Coalition for High Blood Pressure Prevention and Control, non-drug strategies should be the priority for hypertension control. Smoking cessation, low sodium, low fat diet, weight loss, exercise, reduced alcoholic beverage consumption, and increased calcium, magnesium and potassium intake are the important steps to avoid high blood pressure.

Self -Help: The diet revision program is explained in enough detail in the Alpha Nutrition Program that an intelligent, well-motivated person can follow the steps outlined. The hypothesis is that your existing diet is causing or contributing to the risk of arterial disease. The experiment is to change your existing diet to improve current symptoms and reduce the risk of further problems. The good news is that you may benefit greatly by the effort you make.

 Order the Starter Pack which includes

The book, The Alpha Nutrition Program
The book, Heart and Arterial Disease
One 500 Gram jar of Alpha DMX 500 Grams

This starter pack provides you with essential information about atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. In the simplest analysis, there are three steps to a solution: You change your food choices using the Alpha Nutrition Program as your guide. You exercise daily.  You relax and enjoy life

Alpha DMX is recommended at 25 Grams per day in divided doses such as 12.5 Grams twice a day. Alpha DMX combines all the nutrient recommendations for arterial disease: increased intake of potassium, magnesium and calcium is advocated with a reduction in sodium salt intake. Increased intake of at least seven vitamins: folic acid, pyridoxine, B12, beta-carotene, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) vitamin E and Vitamin K2- recommended. Beta carotene is supplied in DMX and other carotenoids are supplied as colored vegetables and fruits, abundant in the foods recommended by the Alpha Nutrition Program.

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