Persona Digital Catalogue eBook

Persona Digital Catalogue eBook

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Persona Books are an integrated collection

Persona Digital publishes a series of books on current topics in psychology, sociology, music, neuroscience and philosophy.  The author is Stephen Gislason MD.

A free Persona Book Catalogue provides an introduction to all the books in this series,

The first book, Human Nature, presents essential knowledge of human nature, a 21st century description of anthropology, neuroscience, sociology and psychology - disciplines that need to be integrated as they are in these books. All the Persona Digital books describe the essential dynamics of human nature but emphasize different vantage points, contributions from different disciplines and the needs of different readers. Taken together, the books provide a comprehensive understanding of human nature.

Persona Digital Books 

  • Human Nature  
  • The Environment  
  • I and Thou  
  • Language & Thinking  
  • Good Person
  • Religion
  • Pieces of Puzzle 
  • Emotions & Feelings
  • Human Brain
  • Neuroscience
  • Children & Family
  • Intelligence
  • Sound of Music
  • Surviving Humans
  • Stephen Gislason

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