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Weight Rescue Starter Pack

Weight Rescue Starter Pack

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The Weight Rescue Starter Pack includes

Alpha Nutrition Program ( Book)
Book, Eating and Weight Management.
One 500 gram jar of Alpha ENF

No one should claim that weight loss is easy, but weight management can be pursued in a rational manner with an expectation of success. First, you have to understand that the goal is not really weight loss. The goal is to become a smaller, leaner person and stay that way. The key phrase is "stay that way".
The failure of weight loss program is mostly that people who lose some weight do not stay that way. Weight loss strategy needs to be focused on how to stay at a lower body weight. Clearly, something has to change forever. A permanent change in food selection and eating behaviors is required for a permanent change in body weight.
We like to think that successful weight management is a natural by-product of new healthy habits. A healthy lifestyle means that you feel and act well, you eat well, you exercise, stay in shape, and seek mind-body balance. Proper diet and exercise are essential to health. Weight management can be pursued with every expectation of success.

Solving eating and weight problems involves four steps:

  1. Identify and avoid trigger foods and drinks.
  2. Increase nutrient density
  3. Daily exercise and a healthier lifestyle
  4. Personal development and spiritual growth

We think of trigger foods as the "bad guys"; these foods and drinks cause symptoms and at the same time trigger cravings and compulsive eating or drinking. You have to stop eating these foods to re-gain control and to recover from any illness they cause. In the worse case, these foods are addictive; if you eat them, cravings are triggered and you lose control. You need insight into this process before you can arrive at effective strategies to cope with cravings and compulsive eating.

You can try the Alpha ENF formula, evaluate its effects and learn how you can use it as a tool of nutritional therapy. We want you to try the formula before you decide to order a larger quantity. If you decide to go on a food holiday, for example, you will need a minimum of 4 jars of Alpha ENF 1000 grams.

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